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Learning Centre
Central Library

Library is the treasure house opened for academicians, students and Industrial members. The library was started with an initial stack of 4000 books in 2008 and now has more than 18,651 volumes of books on a variety of subjects. Utmost care is taken in developing resources for each department. Our Library Subscribes to more than 64 International and National Periodicals in print and digital mode and has a good collection of Latest CDs & Floppies on various fields. Most of the Library functions such as issue, return, reservation and searching books have been automated.

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Discussion rooms
  • Digital Library
  • Language Lab
  • Fully automated Library services
  • Higher Education Centre
  • Research Scholar Room

Resource Collection

Books ; Titles : 9575, Volumes : 28,192
Periodicals : 774 journals / magazines including Print and Digital mode, 54 National journals and 18 International journals
Digital Resources : CDs/DVDs/VCDs/Floppy Disks/Video Lectures
Back Volumes : 148
Projects : 1300


  • Covered area 6708 sq ft.
  • Digital Library with internet facility
  • Multimedia Library
  • Communication lab for language learning
  • OPAC / Web-OPAC facility
  • Separate sections for Text and Reference books; Periodicals and journals; Digital and Multimedia Library
  • The Central Library is supported by academically and technically qualified Library Staff
  • We also have individual departmental libraries holding a stack of 8,421 books.

Digital Library

The Digital Library facilitates access to Electronic Information and library services to ensure that the information needs of our students, faculty, and staff are met. The digital library collection can be accessed through intranet.

Digital Resources

The collection comprises more than 1,044 CD-ROMs and 2008 VCD/DVDs, as well as audiotapes, video cassettes, and floppy discs. Subjects range from Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mathematics, Science and humanities to coverage of public lectures, Convocation and other college events. Special attention is paid to the collections on higher education abroad, placement resources, resources for preparation to competitive examinations.

The quickest way to locate videos or CDs in the Library is to search the library Catalog [OPAC]. Enter a portion of the title, or other keyword information and the Material Type (Videos, CD-ROMs/DVDs, Floppies, Audio) to find the required resource. You can also search by subject for a particular department. The Center provides equipment and expertise for producing digital videos for classroom and extracurricular projects. This includes CD and DVD creation. Our team of library assistants provide assistance to students, faculty, and staff by attending to their needs.

Internet Access

4 Mbps Broad Band Internet connections are provided for enhancing the classroom study and for access to the electronic resources. There are more than 15 computer systems available in the digital section to access Internet. Internet will be available to the students and faculty from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

E-books & e-journals

Our library subscribes more than 726 Online Journals, 812 E-Books and has access to over journal, magazine and newspaper articles from international societies. E-Books and E-Journals support the learning and research needs of our students and faculty. In addition, a unique collection of useful standalone online journals and e-books free on the internet are made available to the users in our campus.


The quickest way to locate Resources of Books, Periodicals and CDs in the Library is to search the library Catalog (OPAC). It also provided with department wise search facility at intranet.



Well furnished canteen exclusively for boys and girls. Wide varity of refreshment and meals items are available.Students are advised to leave canteen immediately after taking food and snacks.



The College has 15 buses and one car for the use of student and staff.

Buses ply from college to Lalgudi, Mannachanallur, Thuvakudi, Manaparrai, Ponmalai, Pallakarai, Viralimalai, Thuvaranguruchi, Anna Arivlayam, OFT, Neythalur Colony, Pannan Kombu, Dalmiapuram, Vaiyampatty, Kalkandarkottai, Woraiyur, Airport.

Click here to know the bus timings & stages



We have well maintained hostel exclusively for both boys and girls inside the campus with all facilities such as studies, recreactions and common living.

The college hostel serves subsidized Meals and Refreshment for the hostelites.