Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology

The department of Information Technology was started in the year 2008 with intake of 60 students per year. The various features of the department are given below:

Vision of the department

  • To facilitate our students to become a successful in the field of Information Technology.
  • To facilitate our students to develop innovative projects, software’s and Apps
  • To facilitate our students to be versatile and improve their logical thinking and coding skills.
  • To facilitate our students to be achievable and tackle any kind of situation.

Mission of the department

  • To educate Engineering concepts by simple examples
  • To educate the basics of software development according to the industry requirements
  • To educate the importance of team and involving individually for finding their own skills
  • To educate ethics and moral values


The department has the following labs with high quality equipments:

  • DBMS Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Software Development Lab

Faculty Members:

The faculty members in the department are qualified as per the norms of the affiliating                 Anna University, Chennai and approving authority All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. The number and the cadre ratio of faculty members are maintained as per the norms.

Permanent Affiliation:

The department of Information Technology is granted Permanent Affiliation by Anna University on 11.01.2020. This recognition is given for its consistent admission intake requirements and ‘NIL’ deficiency report in the last three consecutive inspection conducted by the University

2(f) status:

The department is recognized to be in the status under section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956 on                              19-02-2020. This recognition is given for the fulfillment of certain norms of UGC. On possession of the 2(f) recognition, the department is eligible to apply and get grants from UGC for performing the given or proposed projects.

English Proficiency Training:

Apart from the curriculum courses such as Technical English, Communicative English, Interpersonal skills, Advanced Reading, listening and writing, and Communication skills, a separate training session in the name “English Communication Skills (ECS)” is conducted for all the I year students.

Technical Training:

From II-year onwards, the following technical training will be imparted to students with the experts in the industry to be well versed in the subject learned

  • Python
  • Android Development
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Cloud Computing

Value Added Course:

From VI semester onwards, the following value added course will be planned to teach for the students’ enrichment.

  • Data science in R and Python

In-Plant Training & Internship:

From III semester onwards, students are encouraged to go on In-Plant Training (IPT) & Internship during their semester holidays in the following industries. It exposes the students to the actual working environment and enhances their knowledge and skill from what they have learned in the college.

  • Learning Center
  • SS Soft Solutions
  • Code Bind Technologies
  • Kaashiv InfoTech
  • Uniq Technologies

Industrial Visit:

From III semester onwards, students will be taken to the following industries as Industrial Visit. It gives exposure from an academic point of view and also about the practical working environment.

  • Casperon Technologies
  • Lansa Informatics

Workshop, Seminar & Guest Lecture:

From II-year onwards, Workshop, Seminar & Guest Lecture has practiced enriching the learning with the Professional Experts & Speakers. To develop new skills to get ahead and improve their learning in a more interactive, topic-specific way. These can be very helpful not only for the students but can also contribute to the teacher’s knowledge and practices. Various topics on recent technologies are handled during the every session, few are listed here,

  • Data Science.
  • Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security.
  • Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) Program.
  • Various Legal Awareness Program.

Placement training:

During the VII semester, all the students will be given placement training by the expert in the industry. The students will be trained in the following areas:

  • Aptitude
  • Test of reasoning
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal interview
  • English proficiency
  • Communicative skill
  • Technical skill
  • Programming skill

Job Placements:

At the end of the VII semester and in the beginning of the VIII semester, leading industries are invited for campus recruitment process. This is apart from the pooled and off-campus placement drive conducted elsewhere. The various companies who have recruited our students so far are: 

  • Sutherland Global Services
  • Foxconn hanon Technology India Private Limited
  • Institute of Language Management Private Limited
  • DSM Soft Private Limited
  • Scientific Publishing Services Pvt Limited
  • Power Brain Solutions
  • JD Software Private Ltd
  • V. Dart Technologies Pvt Ltd

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed with the following industries and Institution for continuous and consistent improvement and enhancement in all areas.

  • National Institute of Technology, Trichy under SIEMENS Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing
  • SASTRA University under AICTE’s Margadarshan Scheme
  • The Tiruchirapalli District Tiny & Small Scale Industries Association (TIDITSSIA)
  • Learning Center

Cultural Activities:

Students are always encouraged to develop their talents in various cultural activities like singing, dance, mime, mimicry, music, photography etc. Cultural event in the name “IGNITE” is being conducted every year to showcase their talents. They are also encouraged to participate in various contests conducted elsewhere like colleges, media etc.


Equal importance is given to sports and games as like curricular and co-curricular activities. Students are allowed to practice their games from 4.00 pm onwards on daily basis. Outdoor games such as Cricket, Foot ball, Hockey, badminton, Volley Ball, kabaddi, Kho-kho and athletic events like running, long jump, Javelin throw, Shot put and in door games such as Carom board, chess are practiced by our students.
Our institution and our department feel proud to showcase a few records:











Jeya Priya.D

1500 M



Jeya Priya.D

800 M




Hammer Throw



Alagammal S





4400 Relay



Jeya Priya D

4400 Relay



Eskalin Mary.A

4100 Relay


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