Science and Humanity

Science and Humanity

The Department of Science and Humanities fulfills the Corporate Skills of the students and is devoted to produce skilled engineers with basics to suit the present needs of the society. This becomes a foundation that aims at creating analytical and innovative engineers who attest to be reliable supports that serves as a strong edifice of the nation. The department takes care of core subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental studies and Professional communications. The department has competent and knowledgeable faculty and well equipped laboratories.

It has pivotal till the final semester to make the students fit and ready to face the real world awaiting outside. The department of Humanities and Science holds the sole burden of improving the students´┐Ż soft skills and communication skills, laying the foundation of applied mathematics, physics and chemistry to be used in all the engineering branches. Apart from these, the Department of Humanities and Science is also the core of all literary and cultural activities that afford emotional refreshment to the IGCE family.

Depatment of English

Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.
---------Oliver Wendell Holmes

Here in IGCE, teaching English is a mix of classroom teaching, audio/video systems and regular assignments on usage, passage, grammar, vocabulary and phonetics. The aim of the department is to help students excel in every sphere of life with the help of English Language. The department regularly organizes GDs, Presentations, Personal Interviews, and Extempore to help students develop communication skills in English language. The department conducts extra classes for students from rural background to bring them at par. The department has well developed soft skills Lab with sophisticated multimedia systems. The software covers English Mastery and Pronunciation skills. It includes listening comprehension, speaking & pronunciation, reading & writing comprehension, diction and other fundamentals of English grammar.

No. of Laboratories : 02

1. Language lab with a capacity of 60 seats to develop the communication skill of the students.

2. Personality development lab with a capacity of 60 seats to our students soft skills and employability skills.

Depatment of Mathematics

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.
---------S. Gudder

Mathematics being the foundation of all engineering is given special attention. The Applied Mathematics section offers courses to UG and PG students of various engineering disciplines and caters to their needs in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Computational Techniques, and Computer Applications. Besides core courses in Engineering Mathematics up to IVth Semester and Computer based Numerical and Statistical Techniques, it also offers an elective course in Optimization Techniques for the final year students and a laboratory course in Numerical Techniques specifically designed to meet the requirements of the industry in the area of computer applications.

Typical problems are solved in specially designed tutorials using mathematical tools like, numerical analysis, furzy logic, artificial intelligence and combinatorial analysis etc. Besides certain mathematical algorithms are studied in detail and applied to construct mathematical models for various engineering problems and their analysis.

Depatment of Physics

When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and graviton have no separate existence from matter.
---------Albert Einstein

The department helps the students to attain the excellence with a basic principle of physics inculcating in them the scientific attitudes in their professional advancement by importing culture of scientific reasoning, develop hypothesis and analytical bent of mind to professional challenges in the field of science and technology.

The department offers curriculum focused at exposing the knowledge of the students in the fields of Quantum theory, advanced optics, Lasers and photonics.

Some of the important equipment available in the physics laboratory is four-probe & Hall-Effect setups for Solid-State Applications, B-H Curve & Conductivity setups for Material Science Applications and He-Ne laser for Optical Applications.

No. of laboratories : 01

Applied Physics Lab

Depatment of Chemistry

Chemistry is the bridge between the perceived world of substances and the imagined world of atoms.
---------Peter Atkins

The department of Chemistry offers a curriculum exhibiting an advanced level of understanding of the principles of chemistry and their applications to problem solving in Chemical engineering. The section offers courses in Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry including Polymers, Engineering Materials, Waste Water Chemistry, Lubrication and Instrumentation.

The chemistry lab is equipped with spectrophotometric, viscometric & pH-metric analysis setups, De-Mineralize plant, electronic chemical balances, electric oven, distillation plant, Melting point apparatus and suction pump setup etc.

No. of Laboratories : 02

1.Applied Chemistry lab

2.Environmental Science